The Courses

The three new courses developed for the FEMA/ASU Campus Public Emergency Communications project are:

  1. Principles of Effective Campus Public Emergency Communications (Course A), which provides an overview of challenges unique to college and university campuses and an intensive review of fundamental emergency communication concepts and skills for planners, practitioners and managers.
  2. Campus Emergency Communications: Individual and Organizational Perspectives (Course B), deals with specific needs of those involved in emergency communications, whether individuals or organizations. Organizations include groups focusing on Public Safety, Fire Service, the Emergency Medical System, Public Health, Behavioral Health, or Community Emergency Response Teams.
  3. Emergency Communications Systems: New and Traditional Media, (Course C), which provides a description and assessment of the strengths and weakness of various emergency communications systems and protocols that can be used before, during, and after emergencies.

Now Available:

Course A: Principles of Effective Campus Public Emergency Communications

The courses are being relocated to another location.  Please check back soon for the new link.