About the Project

Public emergency communications dealing with terrorism or natural disasters on the nation’s campuses is a responsibility shared by state and local public officials and first responders, college and university administrators and emergency managers, student housing managers, and other stakeholders having a commitment to the safety and wellbeing of college and university faculty, staff, students and campus visitors.

The purpose of the Campus Public Emergency Communications national training program is to identify best practices related to campus public emergency communications and to develop, prepare and distribute a series of several full-length, flexible, NIMS-compliant, secure, online modular training courses on effective, multi-layered campus public emergency communications for authorized individuals. It is aimed at administrators, public servants and other stakeholders having jurisdiction over or otherwise being responsible for public safety and emergency preparedness and response any of this nation’s 3,700 college and university campuses. The project will promote the integration of best practices at numerous campuses and universities and enhance interoperability, cooperation and coordination between campus personnel and State and local responders and public administrators, thereby furthering the National Preparedness Goal of improving preparedness and response capabilities and increasing mitigation of threats, vulnerabilities, and consequences that may stem from acts of terrorism and natural disasters.