Here are some commonly used acronyms related to emergency communications, campus communications, FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security:

CERT – Community Emergency Response Team
DHS – Department of Homeland Security
EH&S – Environmental Health and Safety
EOC – Emergency Operations Center
ENS – Emergency Notification System
FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency
HSEEP – Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program
IAP – Incident Action Plan
IC – Incident Commander
ICP – Incident Command Post
ICS – Incident Command System
IHEĀ - Institute of Higher Education
IP – Internet Protocol
JIC – Joint Information Center
JIS – Joint Information System
MACS – Multiagency Coordination System
MHz – Megahertz
NIMS – National Incident Management System
PIO – Public Information Officer
RSS – Really Simple Syndication
SMS – Short Message Service (texting)
TTS – Text-to-speech
VOIP – Voice Over IP